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I am a 26+ year life member of the PGA of America. Playing golf and helping others improve their own game is my passion. I believe there are certain fundamentals all players must learn in order to maximize their potential and goals. Many players totally focus only on swing mechanics to improve their games and spend entirely too much time playing "Golf Swing" rather than learning to play the game of golf. I know without a doubt that I can improve people's game and make the experience enjoyable. 

I intend to do this thru many different means such as short golf lessons on the range, working on short game on and around the putting green, playing lessons on the course, taking those that want to compete to Pro-Am events. I will even be available for trips or even aid customers in booking and planning of golf events or trips to particular destininations. I am also available for customer or business related golf. If you need help in organization, planning or running charity events I will be glad to assist in these ventures.   

I was fortunate to reach many of the goals I set early in my career by making the game "the love of my life." After living an unfulfilled existance I one day thought there is more to life than just $$$made by playing golf. After chasing the "American Dream of consumerism" and always needing more I became totally a broken person. I had no money, no regular source of income, and not much of a golf game. I then decided now is the time to do what I really love, help others achieve their goals of becoming better golfers and make the experience an enjoyable process. 

We are not defined by our occupation, golf scores, how much money we have or many of the things many people think make them "RICH." We are all "human beings" that are very valuable to God. One thing is for sure those who have been given so much, much is expected of them.  My goal for the launch of my new endeavor is to make people better players than they were prior to us working together, hopefully build many new friendships, make some $$$, give away some $$$and if someone doesn't know "Christ" be the arms, legs and mind that thru "GOD'S GRACE" will make a difference wherever I am placed.



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